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First-time candidates for office often fail to run the competitive race they imagined. I’ve seen these 5 missteps over and over again. 

1  They don’t tell their story clearly and compellingly. 

2  They are scared to ask people for money. 

3  They make their campaign all about themselves. 

4  They think being on social media is the same as campaigning. 

5  They take bad advice. 


When it comes to the future of our democracy, the stakes are too high for good people to unwittingly sabotage their own campaigns. 


You are an expert in some area of life. It may be nursing. Or education. Or climate policy. Or sales and marketing. Or leadership. If you are a first time candidate for office, you likely are not an expert at running a political campaign. Doing so can feel like you’re making it up as you go along. I know I felt that way. That’s why I can help. 

Here Are Some Confidence Boosters
to Help You Campaign

Super Stump Speech Accelerator  $149

You’ve been invited to speak to your county party. You have 5 minutes to stand out from the other candidates, convince voters that you’re right for the job, and most importantly, coax donors to support your campaign. Do you know what you’d say? Maybe. But most don’t. Get a clear, compelling, and customizable stump speech. 

Campaign Readiness Assessment  $149

You’re an expert in some area of life, but you’ve never run a campaign before. Maybe you’ve got a campaign logo and a website, but you also have a gnawing sense that you’re missing something. Take my Campaign Readiness Assessment and get a customized Campaign Action Plan. 

Make Voters the Hero of Your Campaign  $149

Do you know why Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016? A big part of the reason is because “Make America Great Again” is an infinitely better slogan than “I’m With Her.” Most campaign messaging is muddled and disjointed and ends up making the candidate the hero of the story. That’s losing messaging. You can do better. 

The Head and Heart of Fundraising  $149

Do you enjoy asking people for money? Of course not. If you’re like most first time candidates, will you try to find anything to do other than fundraising? Probably. Will you convince yourself that you don’t have to fundraise? Likely. And you’ll lose because of it. Effective political fundraising begins with what you believe - about yourself and donors. 

Robb in Politics

In 2018, concerned about the future of democracy in America, Robb launched a grassroots congressional campaign in Arkansas. While he didn't win, he learned what it's like to be a first-time candidate for office and developed a passion for helping extraordinary ordinary Americans run for office. 

Robb serves as the Political Director for Vote Common Good, a national organization that helps Democratic candidates connect better with white Evangelical and Catholic Voters. He is also the co-founder (along with Dr. Chris Jones) and Executive Director of Vortex PAC, an Arkansas organization that recruits, trains, and supports congressional candidates. He has worked on state and local campaigns. He spent the 2020 election cycle as the Executive Director of Brand New Congress.

How Political Coaching Works


Schedule a Discovery Call

We'll discuss how your campaign is going, any gaps you've identified in your approach, what coaching would look like, and opportunities to support you.


Get Actionable Coaching

Every candidate is different, which means there is no "one plan fits all" approach. We'll create a plan specific to your unique opportunities. We'll also dive into collaborative work to help you feel confident in your campaign.


Campaign with Confidence

You will move forward equipped and assured that you can do the things necessary to run a competitive campaign with confidence.

My Commitment to You

When I ran a grassroots congressional campaign in 2018 -- everyday -- I felt like I was making it up as I went along. I desperately wanted to do the right thing in the right way, but all too often, I didn't even know what to do. It was a crazy, emotional rollercoaster. I don't want you to feel like I did.

In the years since, I've run national political organizations, worked on campaigns, and trained scores of candidates for office. I've learned what works ... and what doesn't. And I haven't lost my passion for helping first time candidates for office run competitive campaigns with confidence.

As your political coach, I won't do the work for you. But I will help you know what to do, what mindsets to develop for success, and what actions to take next. I love to talk to people who are running for office. Schedule a call today, and let's chat about your campaign and how I can serve you best.

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The Top 3 Reasons Why First-Time Candidates Win & Lose

Did you know that there are clear reasons why some first-time candidates are successful and others are not?

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