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Robb is the Political Director of Vote Common Good.

Vote Common Good urges religiously-motivated voters to use the common good as their primary voting criterion. Vote Common Good trains Democratic candidates to speak authentically about their faith and about how political issues are connected to progressive faith.

In 2018, Vote Common Good went on a 31-stop bus tour urging religiously-motivated to help flip the House. In 2020, Vote Common Good is going to all 50 states asking people to bring change to politics through faith, hope, and love.


Robb served as the Executive Director of Brand New Congress for the 2020 campaign cycle.

Brand New Congress is a political action committee that recruits and supports regular, working people to run for the United States Congress. BNC candidates are committed to putting the needs of people first by refusing corporate PAC money and boldly fighting for a progressive agenda. 

Robb was recruited by BNC to run for Congress in 2017. He joined the Board of Directors in 2018 and was Executive Director 2019-2020.


In 2018, Robb ran for Congress as a progressive Republican.

Outraged by the Trump Administration and his own Congressman's feckless support of the President, Robb decided to mount a grassroots, long-shot challenge to the political establishment in Arkansas.

While he did not win, Robb did give voters in Arkansas their first choice in a Republican primary in a decade. He also gave voice to the thousands of people who feel silenced and disenfranchised by a political system that rewards wealthy political donors rather than addressing the biggest needs we face as a country.

Robb's campaign was covered by Sarah Colt Productions, which made a short documentary called True Believer.

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