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Super Stump Speech Accelerator

1 Hour Political Coaching

  • 1 h
  • 149 US dollars
  • Google Meet

Customized Political Coaching

You’ve been invited to speak to your county party. You have 5 minutes to stand out from the other candidates, convince voters that you’re right for the job, and most importantly, coax donors to support your campaign. Do you know what you’d say? Maybe. But most don’t. In this one hour political coaching session, we'll work together to craft a stump speech that you can use in any setting to tell folks why you're running office, share relevant aspects of your personal biography, and invite them to support you by donating, volunteering, and voting. If you put in practice what I teach you, you will have a memorable stump speech that you can give with confidence to any audience. Once you book an appointment, you'll get the opportunity to schedule the call and then receive a Google Meet link.

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