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The Head and Heart of Fundraising

1 Hour Political Coaching

  • 1 h
  • 149 US dollars
  • Google Meet

Customized Political Coaching

Do you enjoy asking people for money? Of course not. If you’re like most first time candidates, will you try to find anything to do other than fundraising? Probably. Will you convince yourself that you don’t have to fundraise? Likely. And you’ll lose because of it. Effective political fundraising begins with what you believe - about yourself and donors. In this one hour political coaching session, I share with you techniques to get into the proper mindset for raising money. We'll also talk about who you should be calling during your calltime and what you should say when you're talking to prospective donors. When we're done, if you do what we talk about, you will feel much more confident to raise the money you need to run a competitive campaign. Once you book an appointment, you'll get the opportunity to schedule the call and then receive a Google Meet link.

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