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Running For Our Lives: A Story of Faith, Politics, and the Common Good


Empowered by the Brand New Congress initiative in 2018, evangelical pastor and progressive Republican Robb Ryerse embarked on a long-shot, grassroots congressional campaign against Steve Womack, one of the most powerful Republican incumbents in Washington, DC. After he ultimately lost his race, Ryerse worked with the Vote Common Good campaign, traveling across the United States to help turn Congress blue.


Throughout his political journey, Ryerse gained new insights on the relationship between religious and politics in America today, the dynamics of deep partisan divide, and the power of faithful people working for the common good. Running for Our Lives is the honest and authentic story of how one pastor tried to make a difference. Through all the joys and struggles of daring to make a stand, Ryerse shares what he’s learned about how our political identities shape us, what the role of government has in helping to meet people’s needs, and how others can get involved in politics as an expression of progressive faith.


Fundamorphosis: How I Left Fundamentalism But Didn't Lose My Faith

Fundamorphosis is the story of how Robb Ryerse went from being a fundamentalist pastor to an emergent church planter. When the answers he’d always been taught stopped resonating with him, Robb couldn’t in good conscience go on perpetuating the traditions and beliefs of his church.

Fundamorphosis details the struggle of saying goodbye to the church he had always known. But more than just deconstructing fundamentalism, Fundamorphosis provides a constructive look at the shape Robb’s beliefs now take: authentic, gracious, optimistic, and unfinished.

Fundamorphosis is a story in which many will be able to find themselves. It’s a thought-provoking roadmap for those who are in the midst of their own fundamorphosis.

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